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National Coastwatch Prawle Point

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The Lookout is 60 metres above sea level and so experiences stronger winds than encountered on the water. As a rule of thumb, at sea off Prawle Point you can expect the wind to be one Beaufort force less.

The cloudbase shown is only an estimate calculated from the temperature and the dewpoint. Do check our webcams for confirmation.

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Prawle Point

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The Lookout broadcasts the current weather and sea conditions on VHF Channel 65 every day at 0945, 1145, 1345, 1545 and, in the summer, at 1745.

You are also always welcome to telephone the Lookout on 0‍1548 511259 or hail "Prawle Point NCI" on VHF Channel 65 for an update.

Falmouth Coastguard broadcasts the latest Gale Warnings and Inshore Waters Forecast every three hours starting at at 0110 local time. Announcement is made on VHF Channel 16 and off Prawle Point the MSI broadcast is then heard on Channel 62 or 64.

The weather conditions at Prawle Point and many other NCI stations can be monitored using the WeatherLink app available from the App Store and Google Play.